Jesus says to me, “You must tell them to forsake all that dishonors Me. Help them to understand many times their “gray areas” are blasphemous in My presence. How will they be able to stand before Me when I am repulsed by what they put before their eyes and their ears. Did I not say blessed are those who have eyes to see and ears to hear? So many of those who claim to be My children fill their existence with that which is abominations in My eyes, so they cannot see nor can they hear My voice or My Word.”

“As a Jew removes every speck of yeast from their home, I desire My children to remove every speck of abomination and sin from theirs. How can one justify idolatry within their walls? Have I not punished for less? I am ready to finish pouring out My wrath upon all those who are in bed with Mystery Babylon, which includes all ties whether by action, movie, book, internet, thoughts within the heart, speech, or any other experience. Either you are serving Me or you are serving the enemy. You choose today whom you will serve. Today is the day I have made, will you be faithful in it? Remind My people of Revelation 18:4.”