Jesus’ robes flow around Him so thickly that I remember the Scripture of His robes filling the throne room. I look up at Him and say, the world, Lord, is so evil. There is nowhere to go away from destructive people anymore. Their words are filled with lies and hate. I am seeing their terrifying agendas coming together powerfully by either denying Your Truth or even twisting it. How can anyone continue to stand? I know You are with all those dying in Your name. I ache so deeply for the men, women, and children being tortured or exploited. Please, have mercy on them.

Jesus nods, “The end is coming soon.” He leads me to the bench in the meadow. “Look at My creation.”

I look up and see many wonders of all He created. A shadow of darkness starts to play what looks like multiple movies upon the landscape. The darkness grows so it is hard to see God’s creation and beauty with its presence.

“All I have created is still there, even with the attacks of the enemy to twist, change, and even divide or destroy what I have begun. It all is still there.”

Jesus brings parts of His creation closer to us for me to view. He keeps drawing them ever closer so that I can see into microscopic aspects of His creation. The effects of the enemy’s work are easy to see, even to the molecular level. “If you look closely, you will see that My beginnings, My origins are still there.” I see a level within the DNA strand that is in another dimension for lack of a better word. It’s perfection and beauty displays that it is untouched by the enemy’s work. I understand it is sustained by God’s presence so that the enemy has no effect upon it.

“That, My child, is the beginning and the end, the word of My hands and the power of My spoken word. And that will soon be restored to perfection, never to be even in the presence of the enemy again or anything that is evil.”

I stop and think about my shortcomings and the imperfections within my life. My hands reach inside me and grab something that looks like charcoal from my chest. Lord, how many times will I keep handing to You areas in my life that I need Your help?

“As often as you need.” He puts the charcoal next to His robe as if in a pocket. I watch as it turns into a brilliant gem within His robes. He smiles at my reaction. “Do you not know that your gift of least worth in your eyes, can be a treasure in Mine?”

Tears fill my eyes at the realization of what He was saying.