Why do people refuse Your amazing love for them? Instead, they hate You and Your people with such vehemence. You are perfect in all You are. I can’t wait to be with You forever in the perfect utopia so to speak where there is no sin or selfishness or greed or pain or hatred. All that the enemy has brought humans will be gone. I long to be where we are perfectly designed, can create and experience everything You have for us to the fullest. I struggle to put to words so people will understand what You have for those who desire to live with You for eternity.

“Child, I have not only spoken through the prophets, given utterance of holy things to My servant, David, revealed My Father’s perfection and His plan as I walked on the earth Myself, and even transformed lives throughout all of history from hatred to love and peace. Yet, many desire to reject My truth in order to believe the lie that they are in control of their life. How foolish they are. There are only 2 options in human existence, walking with Me or walking blindly following the enemy whose sole goal is to lead them to his own punishment. My truth is within each person for they have each been created by My hand. This is why to deny Me denies them of the eternal home they have been designed for. I am their beginning and I am their end if they choose. Each has the capacity to choose, even those who seem to have none.”

As I rest for a moment in Jesus’ presence, I realize something new is happening. I hear from with in Him a song? There is music of indescribable existence. Not sound, but sound, I feel it and sense it in the spiritual realm not like here on earth. I smile as I realize Jesus’ ‘sings’ or ‘makes music’ within Him. It’s like He is humming for lack of a better explanation. I let Him fill my being with His ‘song’ of life, hope, love and peace. Yes, my Lord, I proclaim You are the beginning and end of all that exists. There is none other beside You, none who can compare to You, none other I desire to be God, but You.

“The song sung in the heart and mind of a believer rises unto Me as worship. The one who refuses to worship Me, I too shall refuse acclamation of. I created the soul to sing, to worship Me, its Creator. To deny worship from within to without will cause the soul to become hard and calloused. So, My child, keep singing. Life from eternity will grow within you as you do. My joy will be made complete in your heart and mind as My Spirit refreshes your soul from the river flowing from My throne”

My heart aches for those who refuse to try to understand how wonderful You are for I know there will come a time when they will realize their mistake. And it will be too late. (Luke 16)