During prayer I ask Jesus how to help people in their walk with Him. His answer may surprise you, or maybe just confirm where you are at.

Jesus says, “My people are filled with doubts and questions. Many don’t know how to find the answers or where to go. It is hard to see past one’s own theology and doctrine. In the pursuit of truth, one has to:

  • Trust My Word, the Bible, as truth
  • Trust My Spirit for Interpretation
  • Study and seek – to put forth effort
  • Question themselves and others
  • Be OK if they are wrong and then receive My truth”

I see a person standing before Jesus with ashes in his closed fist. He is looking up at Jesus with a look of pride in what he is holding as truth, refusing to let go. Jesus is standing before him with a golden nugget in His hand, ready to give to the man.

“My truth has no place in the ashes of false doctrines or lies believed about Me. When someone is ready to come to Me for My truth in humility, I am eager to reveal Myself to him or her.”

John 14:25
John 11:9-13
James 4:8