Jesus smiles. “I am with you always.”

Why does it sometimes feel like You are nowhere near?

Jesus answers, “Child, I am always with you, I do not walk away. You live in a world of choices with a free will within you as I have designed you. My Spirit calls, and even convicts you when needed. It is then your choice to attend to My calling or to continue on your way. I may do the following…
I Call – you will hear your name, or My Scripture, sense My presence, hear or sense My guidance or even know My peace. I call in your walk, in your decision and in your confusion.
I Convict – My Spirit is the sense of what is right or wrong, whether it is a sin, a choice, or a decision. I even send My Spirit for discernment in a moment to protect and guide you, and when needed, to bring you back to Me.
or I Wait – I wait beside you as you go your own way. I wait for you to turn to Me.
When you are in a whirlwind, a moment of chaos or even feeling alone, just turn to Me. Open your Bible, remind yourself of a Scripture verse, pray to Me, or just say My name. I am right there beside you. Always.”