Today as we celebrate one of this nation’s greatest advocates for equality, I stand in awe at Martin Luther King, Jr’s consistent posture of peace, even in the midst of aggressive attacks. Today, interracial tension seems to be everywhere according to the news reports. I wonder though, are we letting ourselves see and acknowledge the evidence of positive change that Martin Luther King, Jr breathed into existence in his famous speech, I Have A Dream. As I travel around this nation and watch people interacting in various situations, of various ages, and various cultures, I rejoice that Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream is alive and overcoming this nation’s past.

Are we there yet? No.

Can we currently see his dream becoming a reality, I believe, yes. A strong YES!

We all can continue to fight for the truths he proclaimed that day, but we need to fight as he did: fighting for peace with peace and never giving up. Change begins with each one of us by how we look at and interact with others. Not sure where to start? Start with an honest discussion between you and God about how you see others, regardless of who they are or what color their skin may be. Then ask Him for the love and understanding you need so that you can relate to others as He wants you to. Remember, we are all His children by His design created for His glory. You can also ask God to bring people into your life who can help you navigate cultural and personal challenges that may arise. We can fulfill Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream, together.

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