Being a child of the Living God gives us wonderful privileges and opportunities. God desires to walk beside us every moment of our day, even in the good and the bad. Below is an excerpt from As God Sees on how to keep holding onto our Lord’s hand through it all.

Stay daily in the Word of God – It alone is our standard of all truth, know it, love it, memorize it! Everything has to come back to Scripture.
Stay in prayer – Seek God every day through prayer. Talk to God and give Him the opportunity to speak to you. Try to stay in constant prayer throughout the day. (Ephesians 6:18)
Journal – Journaling is a great way to stay focused on God. Journaling can be lengthy writings, but it can also just be short notes you jot down.
Find an accountability partner – Pray for God to give you a mature Christian as an accountability partner who can help you discern and grow in Christ.
Pray for the Spirit – When you desire to be closer to God, ask Him for more of His Spirit. The more you surrender and humble yourself to God, the closer you will become to Him.
Ask for wisdom – God promises to give it without restriction. (James 1:5-8)
Be holy – Jesus taught only the pure in heart see His Kingdom. (Matthew 5:8) Be obedient to the Word of God and avoid sinful behaviors.
Obey the teachings of Jesus – Love God and love others. Our prayers can be hindered because we lack love. (Malachi 2:13-16, John 14:23-24)
Be humble – When hearing from God, the goal is not for self gratification or prideful gain. One must be humble and submissive to what God speaks and to glorify Him. (John 7:18)

Have an eager expectation of His work in your life. If you make a mistake or realize you are out walking on your own again, that is OK. Just go back to God, as for forgiveness and try again. He has no limit on how many times a day, or  even in an hour, you can start over with Him. He will just wait for you to seek Him again.

Blessings upon you and your walk with God!