I watch as Father laughs with those near Him. His laughter not only resounds through me like bass during a concert, but His joy and love also encompasses my being as delight rises within.

He looks at me, “Yes, I laugh. I also laugh at the ignorance and foolishness of those who do evil. For they do know in their heart they are doing wrong, they are heading to destruction, but they choose to believe the lie they will get away with it and no payment will be required. Foolish ones! They see their sin and evil as being written down and they say to themselves, ‘No one sees, no one will know, Even God, creator of Heaven and Earth has turned His back and does not see.’ All that is done in secret is being revealed, the hosts of angels see even.”

I see a heart of the one doing wrong is writing with a utensil that looks like fire upon the page in a book. Their heart writes the act they are doing and contriving within their heart. The record is written by the actual person, their very thoughts put down for all eternity. I look to Father.

“Yes, that way there is no accusation except the very heart itself. No one to blame or accuse with misinterpretation or wrongdoing except the heart itself. That is why the very heart that wrote the sin, can choose the Lord of lords to forgive his sin and wash away all unrighteousness, shame and guilt to be made white as snow. The heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it? I do, as I have designed.”