Jesus approaches me and asks, “Will I find faith on the earth? Yes, a remnant around the world do not falter when faced with persecution for their faith in Me. Is there any in America? So much knowledge, so much of My Truth at everyone’s grasp and yet, those who claim to be My People reach for the enemy’s food. None of them will be able to stand in tribulation and persecution. They only desire My protection from the consequences of their sins, which they refuse to stop engaging in. Do they not know I see and I know everything? Do they not know I read the hypocrisy in their hearts and minds? Do they not know they are heaping judgment upon themselves based on the continuation of their sins and refusal to love and follow Me?

“Many live in the enemy’s camp, enjoying all his delicacies, all the while saying they are Mine. What a lie they have believed. Did I not teach to turn from all your sins and pick up your cross and follow Me? Why then are you continuing to engage in things that I not only hate, but bring such dishonor to My and My Father’s Name? Stop sinning! Come out of the false security and pleasures you are engaged in. Come, eat My food. Come, surrender to Me and truly be My child. Come, and be willing to suffer for Me.

“Love lays their lives down for a friend. Am I your friend? So many of you will lay down your life for a human loved one of yours, but you will not lay down your life for Me. Then you are not worthy of Me.”