I look up at Father, He is bright and radiant with love beyond comprehension.

“Sustenance is what man desires, but are never satisfied. Man is designed to attend to the food and water I have to offer that never is empty. The well is deep, never ending from My throne. My food is eternal. All that man desires is here, within and from Me, yet they seek the empty pleasures and fulfillments from outside My design that always brings ruin.”

“The Kingdom of the Lord Almighty is open for everyone to enter through the open door. The door is clearly marked, with no visible lock or door knob. My door is always open, until the appointed time when I shall close the door. Then no man can open from either side. All time will be consummated and all hope restored. The pilgrimage from the hostile lands will have been completed. The faith continued through the fire shall be rewarded. This door offers eternity of joyous celebration, a love deeper than imagined, a life beyond comprehension. For in My Kingdom, My essence flows freely as one allows.”

“Each soul is unique. Each child of Mine experiences Our home and all Our goodness differently. In your uniqueness is My delight.” He leans closer to me. “Understand, each child of Mine is uniquely perfect and desired regardless of where they have been or what they have done. I have provided everything possible for them to come live with Me for eternity. Every promise of Mine is trustworthy and true. No limits, all are welcome to join Me!”

“To enter in My open gates, one must be born again through My Son, Jesus. I have designed everything to be able to enter into My Kingdom. Since I am holy and righteous and good, all that enters before Me must be too. It’s that easy really. If one desires to spend eternity here, they come in through My Son who has already paid the price. That person must remain in My Son, walking in His ways, loving Me and loving others else that person is not fit to enter into My Kingdom. How can one who denies My way demand to live within My walls, in My presence? I am unity. I am love. I cannot by My very nature allow anything that is contrary to My nature to live in harmony and unity within My eternal gates. Thus, it follows through that each must choose Me and My truth of their own free will. The gates are about ready to close.”