Jesus and I walk to the edge of a large body of water. The waves gently roll upon our feet. The breeze also is gentle. I watch Jesus’ robes flow in the breeze fascinated by the depth, light, and power that is somehow captured within the folds of His robes. He smiles and points to the water, “Look child. Let me show you something.”

I look up, “Lord rebuke the enemy’s influences and my imaginations. I only want Your truth and understanding.”  He nods and looks up again at what appears to be an ocean.

Jesus says, “Come outside of time and worldly understanding, stand beside Me and watch from the spiritual realm’s view.” Jesus brings me in front of Him as if wrapping around me for protection. I sense the enemy trying to get to me to stop my understanding.

Light shoots down from above like a powerful beam. The waters open up to a flood of creatures flowing up and out of the waters as if rising from a cramped space to freedom. They are foul in smell. “Do not try to interpret. Your job is to see and experience right now.” I nod. They look at Jesus, but do not come near Him. They separate. One group flows back into the waters in a different area. Another group flies in the opposite direction of where we are standing and separate into 3 groups. Two groups drop back into the ocean in 2 different places. The remaining group flies further away and circle above a spot and drop into the waters.

One flying beast remains, larger than all the others. It has the appearance of a dragon. As he hovers over the original place the others come out of the waters. He looks to us, then to me directly. He makes a proclamation and then flies off to the farthest group that went into the waters. I sense powerful protection while standing next to Jesus from the dragon. I understand that it cannot have any influence over me as long as I am close to Jesus.

Jesus wipes His hand before us. The view transitions to under the waters. I now see the waters above as we descend to the earth below. We stop on a mountain to watch.

Each group of the demons fly to large cities breaking up into groups at different points as they enter their religious buildings, businesses, government buildings, and even personal homes. Some from the groups fly through their course and return back to the dragon for discussion as the dragon hovers above the earth. I sense an eagerness and intensity in them as they look our way every once in a while.  Some fly in one area and then out a completely different area in a country. Many of them did not seem to stay in a specific region but kept flowing and moving from area to area.

Jesus sits down with me. “The only reason they can flow so easily from place to place and person to person is their army of humans believe their lies and many succumb to their fear. The evil ones know their future, they know they can’t win.”

“Keep warning My people. Do not stop. Time is short. Those who have their feet in both camps, Satan’s and Mine, will succumb to the enemy’s persuasion when the time comes. Their lack of devotion and commitment to Me will be their demise.” Jesus stands up and continues, “One cannot serve two masters.” He reaches for my hand, “One will always win, and rarely is it the Truth for it is not what people really want.”

I sense we are now standing on the temple mount. They are sacrificing already in My Name. In the name of the Messiah.” He keeps me close to Him and points. A priest enters wearing black. The others bow and submit to him.  As they hand him a knife, he slashes one of them and moves on after throwing him with one hand toward the altar.

Jesus then takes me into His heavenly realm where I see thousands and thousands of horses being prepared. “Each one knows what they are about to be a part of. Many are eager to see retribution for their lives too.”

I see animals and angelic beings gathering to look over unto the earth. I see birds of many kinds flying over them and down towards the earth.

Jesus’ robes change to the dress of a kingly warrior and becomes very large before me. “All of heaven knows,” He looks to the Father on His throne, “I Am and I alone shall destroy all that does not belong to Me.” He mounts His horse who is as large as He is, full of power and strength. The horse dances in place with a perfect unity with Jesus. “All of heaven is waiting for Me to ultimately destroy all that is wicked and vile and to bring to fullness the completion of My family/existence.” His last two words are spoken at the same time filling me with awe at His power and perfection. Come Lord Jesus, come!