Jesus tells me to write, “Many of my leaders are either afraid for their people to fear, or pour their basis of control and influence based off of fear. I desire My leaders to speak truth in love, to sound warnings before impeding danger and to keep pointing their flocks to Me as the author of all hope, salvation and truth.

“Many do not and I WILL (Jesus emphasized strongly) require their methods and their words from them. Remember, judgment starts in My House, with the leaders of My People. Not only does judgment start with them, it is also at a higher level, for they not only should know more, but their influence is greater. Not only are my teachings while on the earth clear, they are precise and exactly what I meant. Anyone who has or is twisting them, especially for their own gain, will be judged accordingly. Make sure you put this on your site, and share this truth, every person shall stand before me on their own merit, on their own words and deeds. None will be able to blame another, as it was from the beginning. I know the truth. I know when and how and what was said and done. I know what one has experienced and their attempts at finding My truth. I know the desires and intents of each person’s heart. As man can manipulate and twist anything before another person, even to themselves, none will be able to do so before Me and My Father. Every word and deed and thought shall be exposed before me and the clouds of witnesses here as well.

“Tell them! Tell them as they choose to sin against Me in the dark, or even before others, all will be completely exposed and brought to the light unless they humble themselves before Me and seek forgiveness and choose to follow Me and My commands as I taught. And for those who wish to twist what I mean by “My Commands”, let Me clarify so everyone will know and there is no mistake in understanding or teaching. “My Commands” are/is all that is written down by My disciples and followers who saw Me in the flesh. And yes, Paul did see Me when he was still named Saul. And those who wish to judge another based off of one of My commandments, and yet breaks one himself, will be even more severely judged. Take that log out of your eye and love your brother and sister! If not, you are not worthy of Me and all that I have for My children here in My Kingdom. If you continue to call yourself a child of Mine and My Father, yet continue to do and partake of that which We hate, do you not realize the dishonor you do to My Name and My Truth? Come out of all that is the enemy’s or you shall experience the same fate. Time is short and there is much to do. There is nowhere you can go that I do not see: not in the highest of heights, or the deepest of depths nor the darkest of nights. I am there.”

Psalm 139:1-16
Matthew 7:1-6
Matthew 28:16-20
John 14:23-24
Revelation 18