“In the impossibilities I do My work. Most of My people think My work is when things are going well and view issues and problems as roadblocks they should not cross. The whole “shut door” teaching. Children, do you not know a whole crowd of witnesses are watching you? That your testimony and faithfulness in the impossibilities are proclamations of My power and majesty? No, you cannot do this project alone, but you can with Me. Impossibilities with men are canvases for Me. Do you not understand? I want to do miraculous work! I want to move and flow outside of man’s physical reasoning! Look at My Word? When am I working? When am I bringing glory to My name? Even in the life of a man who moved within My giftings and power for his gain and pleasure, I was still glorified in the end! Children, walk forward in Faith and in Joy knowing I go before you, I bind up the undone behind you and I carry you along the way. Doubt will destroy your power and walk with Me as wildfires do a majestic forest. Walk, and sing, and meditate on My word.”