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“Come.” I see an expression of playfulness and joy upon Jesus’ face. “You, My child, have sought Me earnestly. Seek Me more diligently. Hang onto what I have already given you. Do not displace what I have placed in your hands, in your mouth, and in your heart. Remember, cling to what is truth, meditate upon these things. My Word endures to the end.”

I see what looks like transparent layers of words and images stacked on top of each other. They are slightly offset from one another. The words and the images seem to be in contradiction, yet they are in perfect harmony. As I study the vision I hear the Lord speak.

“My Words will stand, in perfect harmony and in perfect understanding. You see, in man’s perspective, all is linear, maybe even circular as some would define, but in truth, My words are endless, spoken from eternity into time.”

I realize I am suddenly standing outside of what I know as time. I watch as what looks like light from eternity shines into the world’s timeline at three different points. What comes from the same source from eternity is delivered within man’s time differently, like each one building upon the one before.

“Truly, men from within time cannot comprehend My existence outside their realm. All they comprehend will go through their filter which is interdependent on time. Only through My Holy Spirit and My direction, may they receive a glimpse of who I am, and of My truth. They must be willing to let Me reveal Myself as I am and not who they want Me to be. Although many seek more understanding, often it is for their gain, their private interpretation to build and defend their ideas. Thus, in their pride and arrogance, they take shadows of My truth to design their own god. Then as they teach their human understanding as truth, they destroy the lives of others. No, only the pure in heart shall see My glory, My truth and My Kingdom. Purity is only wrought in humility covered with My atoning sacrifice. Know this, those who have tasted of My glory or My truth as I revealed Myself to them shall not be welcome in My kingdom when they walk away after their own ambitions and worldly desires that are not of Me. They shall be judged according to their own judgments upon others in the light of My law. My law is as I lived, it is denying self and loving with a pure heart. And this,” He gestures towards the city, “Is My city.”

We walk towards the gates which are emitting tremendous brilliance and light. No human eye can gaze upon their brightness for blindness would be the result. The light permeates my being, flowing through me and filling me. Anything that is in me that is not of God is burned away to where I shine as bright as the city.

As we enter into the gates, Jesus seems to shine even brighter and grow in majesty, if that was even possible. The city does not have walls or boundaries as we understand on earth. Still, I recognize that is how my mind is interpreting what I see for there is no other way to comprehend the scenes before me. Jesus just is. He is all in all. His glory is penetrating every speck of this realm. Again I am struck by the ramifications of rejection. Anyone who rejects Jesus on earth cannot come here. Not only would his sin not be allowed to remain here, he would not be able to stand anywhere in God’s Kingdom. Rejection of Jesus in our realm is rejection of Him in all realms. How can anyone who does not know Him as Lord stand before Him here, within the gates of His own city?

The city goes on in every direction as far as I can see. I am starting to distinguish colors now. The colors are not as we see here on earth, but shine as if the colors are light with substance and intensity.

“My realm in its fullness is the essence of My existence. All that is truth, My truth, exists beyond the effects of man or evil. The evil one can only influence the perception of man in order to kill, steal and destroy that which I created. I desire to bring all that I have made unto Myself, yet I give man free will. The choice is for man to love Me in return. This city, all of My realms beyond the sphere of creation, is the fullness of My promises. Here, there is no more pain, sin, jealousies, angst, fear, or any form of evil or death.”

Jesus turns to look at me. “Share what you have seen. Write what you have heard. Stand regardless of what the world says. You cannot be removed from Me, but you can choose to deny Me and walk away from all I have for you.”

I kneel before the King of Kings. I choose You, Lord.

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