Father, my heart cries out for all those experiencing war, all the innocent, all those experiencing the pain, fear and dread of all that war brings. Father, have mercy on the prisoners, work miracles in their lives and bring those who hate You into Your Kingdom through faith in You. Use this time to transform many hearts of stone into hearts of flesh building Your Kingdom for Your glory.

“Come sit.” Jesus motions to my desk which is placed before the two thrones.

I rub the top of the desk as I sit down. It is not wood as in the past. Today it is white stone glistening with the radiance of God’s glory. I stop to let His glory flow upon and through me. As it does, I feel God’s fire burn away all that is not of Him within me. Glory unto the Lord Most High and unto His Lord King of Glory, Jesus the Christ. Hallelujah! For You are God, none compares to You.

A large angel in white with gold sash and accents walks up to me and stands to the right of my desk. I look up at Father as a parchment appears on my desk with an ink pen.

He smiles at me. “Write, child, it is time now to prepare for all you have been trained to do,” He says with a booming voice that resonates through me.

I look up to Jesus, He is not in His normal robes of glorious light, but instead is dressed as a mighty warrior. His glorious light that I am so familiar with flows from underneath the brilliant gold sashes and bands. I do not know the words for what I see wrapped tightly around Him. The light flowing from the golden pieces have magnificent power flowing from them which blend with His glory in such a way that  it feels like fire and swords flowing from Him. This power brings me a sense of comfort and joy as I understand it is protection for me, and yet deadly to His enemies.

A flash of power flashed in His eyes as He leaned forward to me is such a way that anyone who did not know Him would flee from His presence. Instead, I drew closer to Him with an overwhelming sense of love desiring only more of Him. He says softly, “Now write My words as I speak them.”

Yes, Lord. I go to my desk and prepare to write. The ink is gold, like a shimmering light that flows from the pen as Jesus speaks. “I speak as the One who has conquered, the One who holds all authority of My Father, the Majesty on High. I Am the One who was, who is, and who is to come.”

Jesus stands up as His power and majesty and glory flow from Him as if stepping out of water. Yet there is no end, it just keeps flowing from Him as He walks through the throne room.

He stops and opens the realms to look upon the Middle East. As I look to follow His gaze, I see pockets of darkness flowing from many areas east of Israel. As the pockets of darkness combine, they hit like waves of chaos. They then keep flowing westward while still in a state of turmoil. I see the same from the south and from the north and even from Europe.

“As much as they hate each other, they are following a greater hunger and thirst of destruction upon My Temple Mount. They do not truly understand the source of the hatred within, but it is against Me. You see, as much as you are drawn to Me by love, they are drawn to Me by their hatred to destroy all that is Mine. And that is the culmination of all I have spoken through the prophets. As you stand here beside Me, so has John. You are seeing the fulfillment of My words to him. Take note of what you have taught and what you now see. Tell all you know to prepare their hearts for My arrival.”

Jesus looks at me directly, “Tell them! For as John has stood before me, so you do as well. Will you do as I command? Or will you falter as Jonah?”

I choose You, Lord Jesus.