“Signs along the way of one’s journey can be ignored or utilized. One needs to recognize a sign, analyze it and decide whether it is worth abiding by or not. Many read My word and decide whether My truth is relevant to them and worth following or not just like a sign on the road.”

“People do not realize My truth is just that, Truth. Not understanding or not grasping is different than not choosing to follow. When I say ‘forgive one another,’ or ‘do not lust,’ or even ‘submit to one another’, these are not suggested options, they are requirements for My children. If you are My child, you will act as My child. No wonder many see people claiming to be My children as hypocrites and no different than they are. And yet, I do not give impossible standards with no way of achieving them. I give My Spirit without limit to anyone who would thirst after Me. Abide in Me, drink of My Spirit, as much as you desire. As often as you come, you shall receive. My Spirit not only comforts, but also empowers you to walk as My child in full obedience and communion with Me. Come, submit, drink, and rejoice for I am with You. Then My truth will not be just a sign to obey, but a joy to honor and follow for you shall be safe within My wings.” -Jesus