For several years I struggled with the celebration on Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas. This was due mainly because of a belief that these days were just like the Babylonian festivities where sacrifices and pagan rituals were observed. Much of the teachings of this belief were based on the writings of Ralph Woodrow’s “Babylon Mystery Religion” which was based on Alexander Hislop’s “The Two Babylons”. Ralph Woodrow has recanted his book and its teachings after recent research and archeological findings. You can read more about that here, Message from Ralph Woodrow regarding the book BABYLON MYSTERY RELIGION.

Ralph’s recanting of his first book was not enough for me. I prayed and searched Scriptures for knowing God’s view on Christian holidays. Here is what I found.

Is it wrong to celebrate a day other than a Jewish Festival?
Romans 14:5-12 talks about observing a day unto the Lord. This is not just about Jewish holidays, but any calendar day. The observing of one day above another for the Lord is a personal choice. What is convicting here is the warning that we are not to pass judgement or despise a brother for observing or not observing a day. This is not to be an area of contention or division. Each man is to decide for himself for whatever is not done in faith is sin (Romans 14:23).

How is one celebrating?
Galatians 5:16-26 talks about how Christians are to live. We can apply these verses describing the works of flesh and works of the Spirit to how we celebrate any holiday. If we celebrate or do anything according to the flesh, we are not honoring God. If any of the list of works of the flesh is incorporated within our celebration, we are sinning. If we celebrate a day unto the Lord by the Spirit, then there is no law against it (Galatians 5:22-23).

Is a day considered “evil”?
Is there a calendar day that is so evil that we are not to even acknowledge or observe anything unto God on it? For if we do, the evil of that day is so strong that it overbears our observance unto God? Genesis 1 says repeatedly, “And God saw that it was good.” Everything God created, day, night, creatures, plants, trees, oceans, stars, man, everything seen and unseen was “good” to God. If this is true, then every day on the calendar as well as everything as God created is good. God is greater and higher than any other principality or demon or all of them put together! God has all authority and power to redeem to Himself that which was stolen from Him.

What is one celebrating?
If one puts anything in their home as a part of their celebrations is it wrong? Are decorations evil? The temple and the high priest were decorated with images of God’s creation. During certain feasts, such as the Passover, special items were incorporated to help celebrate the festival and was not considered sin. So decorations cannot be evil. It all comes down to a heart issue. Romans 1:25 warns us to worship the creator, not the created. Therefore if we bow down to a man made idol or anything in creation to worship it as a god, then we are sinning (Isaiah 44:9-20). We must also take diligent care to not mix myths or anything dishonoring to God with our celebrations unto the Lord. God desires for us to be holy before Him, not divided in our hearts.

One needs to search their own heart when choosing to celebrate God to make sure they are honoring Him. There are clear warnings about judging others in regards to days, festivals or Sabbaths (Colossians 2:16, Romans 14:5-12). This means either way: one cannot judge someone for observing or not observing a holiday or feast or Sabbath. One must be convinced in their own heart and show love to others for their decisions. If my brother chooses to observe the Passover to his Lord, praise God! May he also have acceptance and love for me when I celebrate Resurrection Sunday for my Lord.