Fulfilled by Jesus at His crucifixion. Exodus 12:14-20

On the 14th day of Nisan the sacrifice lamb is slain. The blood of atonement upon the door brings salvation as the death angel passes overhead. The epic Exodus that follows sees God’s covenant people delivered from the bondage of Egypt. This was the Old Covenant fulfillment of Passover for national salvation.

On the 14th day of Nisan, on the eve of Passover, Jesus is crucified. The blood of the promised Sacrifice Lamb is shed. This is the redemption God has provided. It brings salvation to His covenant people, delivering them from the bondage of sin and death. This is the New Covenant fulfillment of Passover for personal salvation.

This is all about the sacrifice for sins. Jesus was our Lamb that was slain. God is making away for us to be forgiven of our sins (Revelation 5:12).