Fulfilled by the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Leviticus 23:15-22).

50 days from the day the firstfruits of the barley harvest was waved before the Lord, is Shavuot or the Day of Pentecost. Rabbinic scholars believe that it was on this day that God visited His people after their exodus from Egypt and through Moses, brought the Law down from Mount Sinai. This earthshaking day of visitation, trembling, and betrothal is the birthday of the nation of Israel. Here Moses brings down the Torah or Law for the nation. 50 days from the day the Firstfruits, the Day our Lord raised from the Dead (The Resurrection), in the summer of the year of our Lord Jesus’ passion, God visits His people by His Holy Spirit. here the New Covenant promises are proclaimed.

God visited His people through His Holy Spirit. The veil is removed and now each man can ascend to the mountain top and experience the glory of God. Once again we see fire, in the Exodus God visited his people as a pillar of fire, now as tongues of fire. Truly God has become our God and we have become His people (Acts 2:1-3).