Foolishness Before Jesus

“Come sit with Me again, here.” I sit beside Him on the mountain ledge.

It is neat, Lord, to learn the meaning of “mountains” in Scripture. How the word “mountains” can often mean the intersection of Your realm and earth, Your power and authority as well as representing man’s empires. Right?

“Above all that man is and even above all they aspire to be.”

My feet dangle below me. I realize I do not have the fear of being up so high as I do in the world. I jump down and land couple inches below where my feet were hanging like I am standing on solid ground. I look and see nothing there. I look up at Jesus, He reaches for my hand. […]

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What Matters In Eternity

"The seconds that are perceived within the confines of human experience will soon succumb," Jesus tells me. I see His foot step down into our world. His foot is extremely large and I cannot describe how His greatness can enter into our tiny earth in comparison. Jesus proclaims, "I shall come. I shall deliver My people in finality in the perspective of all. There shall be none without reason or excuse. For I Am." Suddenly, I am back on the bench in the meadow with the Lord. He says to me, "Now, I have a question for you, My child."

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The Persecuted Are Not Alone

Jesus reminds me, “Count it all joy when you are reviled for My name’s sake. Take joy in the good and joy in the bad.”

I look down at my feet, they are bare. They have the appearance of being golden translucent. I wiggle my toes. I imagine sandals on, then a beautiful pair of sandals appear on my feel. They move with my feet, not solid like here on earth. I look up, Jesus is just smiling as He enjoys watching me explore.

“Anything and everything is waiting here for you, child. But, now is the time to work and to serve. Rest comes in the morning when the new day arrives.” He leads me to my desk as a gentleman would […]

How to Hear From Jesus

God speaks through His Spirit with those who abide in Him (John 14:15-27, Gal 5:25). What is interesting is if we are not led by God’s Spirit, we are not His children (Romans 8:14). As we seek to have a right relationship with God and abide in Him, we begin to commune with Him as a friend (John 10:27, Revelation 3:20).

Your relationship with the One who created and designed you (Psalm 139) will be unique as well as a journey. As we see in Scripture, God speaks to each of His children differently:
Moses – By voice and a burning bush (Exodus 3ff), and then later face to face as a friend (Exodus 33:11).
Joseph – Given interpretation for dreams (Genesis 40)
Zechariah – […]

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Judgement Upon The Dragon

I sense a number of the crowd. 144000. I write it down. I suddenly have a clear understanding of 144,000. The number is a collaborative completion, not a physical count.

The heavens are filled with shouts of praise unto Jesus and Father. They have a joyous eagerness awaiting an event.

I see a large dragon being dragged into the courtroom. He is massive, many horns, fangs, heads, and wings. I can’t even tell what is one part separated from another.

Jesus tells me, “Write this down.”

“The accuser and deceiver of the nations has been brought forth before the Lord God Almighty!” A loud booming voice declares.

Hatred, anger and disgust emits from the dragon. As it does, its putrefying odor or substance fades as if […]

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The Purpose That Drives Within Us

I see myself as a little girl opening a large heavy wooden door. It is opening easily for me. Pure light fills the other side of the threshold.

I take a step in. I am filled with wonder and joy as I touch the air which feels like fabric of intense peace. Light slowly flows up my arm to spread to my head and to the rest of my body in completeness. I am standing brightly within His light. I relax and laugh as a squeal of delight flows from my spirit. I still sense the pain and aches in my physical body, but I choose to turn my focus again to the spiritual realm and trust Jesus. I take His hand […]

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Choice: The Great I Am or The Figment Of Our Imaginations

Jesus explains, “Many see Me as they would a human with ultimate power. As they do they create within their idea of who I am with their own ambitions, desires, or even of their fears. I am created in the minds of people after their image. Because of this many have  a sense of dread or angst of submitting to the god of their imaginations. They are right to do so. A god of the imaginations of man will always be limited, untrustworthy and only that, a figment of their imagination. ”

“The reality of who I Am is beyond the understanding, comprehension or even imaginations of humans. As such, most fear what they do not know or understand, especially if it […]

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